Trying to map some keys in Vice x64


Aug 27, 2010
This may be something Pickle or someone with lots of experience with Vice and Pandora's keyboard input mapping might be able shed some light on.

Using the output of xmodmap -pke and this chart:


I was able to determine that Vice's keymap apparently has the Pandora's keysym right bracket mapped as the asterisk character. However when I press it, I just get the number 0, just as one would likely get when pressing Shift-0 on a real C64.

I'm thinking the 8 need to be changed in the keysym line for the zero key:

48 4 3 8

The 8 represents that you can use shift or not for that keysym.

I wouldn't mind mappying a Fn key (like Fn-M or something else the North American C64 did not have, like the Yen symbol), but it seems I'm possibly getting confused in the translation between keysyms in xmodmap and Vice's keymap.

Vice's keymap file has keysyms in the upper 200 and 300 range. I couldn't find those keysym numbers in xmodmap, so I don't know what they represent on the Pandora keyboard.

For instance, how would I take the keysym number for, say, the Euro, 0x20ac, which translates to 8364 in decimal, and set that to row 6, column 1?

Thanks to anyone who can provide guidance!
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Bump, and does anyone know if the order of the entries in Vice's keymap file is relevant?