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Nov 30, 2007
The Legend of Sword and Fairy, a.k.a. Chinese Paladin is a role-playing video game. It incorporates elements of wuxia, shenmo and fantasy.

DOS and Windows version game files are supported (but not the later remake) and required for playing the game.

Copy the game files to SD card, to pandora/appdata/sdlpal directory.


The Windows version was released as freeware - see this page (click on the picture) direct link.
There is an unofficial English translation - see this page.
The sources are on GitHub.

DPAD - movement
Enter/Space/Left Ctrl - Ok/Search/Speak
Esc/Insert/Alt - Menu/Cancel
P - Save Screenshot

Skill/Item Menu
Page Up - Scroll Up 1 Page
Page Down - Scroll Down 1 Page
Home - First Item ('SDLPal International' only)
End - Last/Newest Item ('SDLPal International' only)

Adventure-specific keys
Q - Quit Game
W - Equip Item
E - Use Item
S - Status Screen
F - Spell

Battle-specific keys
Q - Flee Battle
W - Use Projectiles
E - Use Item
R - Repeat Previous Command
A - Auto Attack Previous Enemy
S - Status Screen
D - Defend
F - Auto Spell Usage (Strongest)
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Will this work on an ext filesystem? I've noticed the case of m.msg is different in the patch's win folder compared to that in the game itself, so applying the patch on an ext filesystem will take care. Presumably the code cares about which case the filenames should be.
Yes, the game will work on ext filesystem (the case of filenames doesn't matter). Just be careful when applying the english patch to replace the files (don't create two files with the same name, but different case).
I updated the pnd in the repo.

It contains two versions of the game:
Version 2.0.2017.1114 - latest official release. Works with English translation patch version 3.2 or lower.
Version 2.0.2020.0831 - latest sources from git. Works with English translation patch version 3.3.

The previous release (Version 2.0.2017.0523) worked with English translation patch version 3.2 or lower.

Changes include:
- playback of .avi movies in Windows version of the game
- Pandora specific optimisations

The sources are on GitHub.