The 2011 E3 Expo Thread

Just seen Sony have announced the new Vita Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but more importantly, WipEout 2048! 2048 also sets it 4 years before the first game :D

And the fact that PSP titles on it will be able to use the second stick.

Now I'm excited :)
Sorry, I just thought of this and I know it's silly, but it just came to mind just then.

PSV = PlayStation Vita = PlayStation Life

The letter V in Roman Numerals = 5

PSV is OFFICIALLY the 5th PlayStation home or portable console to grace this Earth (soon to grace this Earth).

1. PS

PS mini

2. PS2

PS2 Slim

PSX (PS2 & DVR Hybrid)

3. PSP

4. PS3

PSP Slim

PS3 Slim

PSP go!

5. PSV

I was going to add PocketStation and the Bravia PS2 TV (PS2 & HDTV Hybrid) in there, but meh.
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except the snake eater theyre showing off for 3ds, and mgs5 thats in the making. sorry for the links though, apparently theyre both pre-recorded, and not live
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Kojima said he wasn't announcing a new Metal Gear at E3, so all we have in the pipeline is Rising, Snake Eater: Naked Cell, and possibly the PSP titles becoming remastered. :(