The 2011 E3 Expo Thread

I'd love for Sega to do something like that. Hell, I'd love them to do what they did for the Saturn, "It's available NOW!". Not going to happen, but would be a dream come true if it did.
Maybe SEGA should surprise attack us by bringing a console out, out of the blue?

For example, SEGA would suddenly announce, "We now present you with...Dreamcast 2 and it will be available...NEXT MONTH!!!", we'd be like HOLY ****!!! Need to allocate money for this ASAP!!! :eek:
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I'd sell my soul for that, Sega did do a new thing where they teased the new 'Ring processor' but it turned out just to be an arcade thing, there was mention of a portable but that might have just been a dream.
Let us throw our penises into the mix just for fun.

On a serious note...have you seen these rumours before?

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All I'd really heard from all that was HDMI and Bluray, I thought Sony still had a premium on the format.

To be honest I'm just intrigued about the screen in the controller more than the console proper,
A patent only lasts for 20 years. The existing Dreamcasts only have to survive another 7 years, at which point I'm betting there will be a resurgence of Dreamcast hardware.
Patent runs out in 2018. Anyone will be able to make GD-ROM drives. The mechanisms are well known already. Homebrew is all written to CDs anyway, right?

A future 3rd party Dreamcast will probably use a modified DVD player, actually. Shouldn't be too difficult for a company with the right resources to get a DVD player which can read DVDs, CDs, and GDs.
When you put it that way... But well-detailed hardware does not mean easily-made hardware.
That's part of why it never took off, the GD roms were surpassed by DVD very quickly, I imagine replacing the GD rom drive with a DVD drive and running the discs from a DVD would solve the problem, I'm not exactly a fountain of knowledge and I'm sure there are obvious difficulties with doing that.

GD Roms became obsolete way before their time and that's sad :(