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Feb 4, 2011

So, my OpenPandora was wounded in action and thanks to forum member Link it's now back to work.

I had gotten the Pink Screen (I have a first batch Pandora) and it was recommended that I open it and check to make sure the ribbon cables on the LCD assembly had not wiggled loose. Considering my OP spends a lot of it's time in a truck seat, rucksack, etc. this was a real possibility. So I did.

EvilDragon is not kidding. if you open your OpenPandora up, BE CAREFUL... otherwise you will have an accident like I did.

When I went to remove the top lid from the lower chassis, I was an idiot and did not pull the ribbon assembly through the hinge first. Gave it a mighty pull to separate it, and managed to shear my LCD cable in half.

I came to the forums to find out how to request a part or send in an RMA request... instead, Link stepped up and sent me a replacement part.

This is good on a couple of levels. One, this probably saved me a literal month of shipping, waiting, etc. Second, this is one less RMA that will slow down the production of new Pandoras for people who are waiting for them.

Purchasing the Pandora for my pocket computing has come with a very good unintended side effect: the community is awesome. The guys who haunt the Support forum (names like Linux-SWAT and WizardStan come to mind) have been nothing but helpful and when my Pandora died, once again the community helped me out, and I appreciate that, and I will remember that.

So thanks guys.
Yeah, the lcd cable part is tricky when never done before. I killed two or three before totally understand how to manage it.

Those forums are pretty cool indeed. Thanks mainly to the subject, ie, open gaming, free software etc.
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Ahhh, thanks for the props.

Be sure to give some thanks to EvilDragon, as he is the one who gave me these parts for RMAs etc. He told me to take what I need to provide some support and he was very generous on many levels when I visited him for the ReBirth in February.

We should be lucky that he is all about supporting this community and doing the right thing, as this mentality spreads easily.