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Mar 9, 2011

heres a little something ive been working on and off for the last couple of weeks:

ive been slapping this together while i was struggling with my new wifi dongle.

Tired of non working usb devices?
You got the right driver, but your hardware still won't work?

Device Injector might help you right there!

Every usb device comes with a more or less unique device id. If your driver wasn't built to actually know the id of your device, it won't recognise it and you will end up with a non working device. You simply don't want to recompile your driver just because you bought a different wifi dongle.

Luckily you can pass a new device id to the system at runtime. That's what Device Injector does for you.

It parses a list of device entries in your APPDATA folder (devices.conf) and will then try to load the fitting kernel module and to pass the corresponding device id to the system. If all went well your device will start working eventually :)
You would gather your devices in that conf file and then have a nice and comfy way to load 'em whenever you need 'em.

The entries made there need to be accurate and to follow a given pattern as stated in the devices.conf ( examples within).

Find your usb device ids using "lsusb".

Please test and give feedback! Thanks a lot!



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