Standardisation Of Emulator Controls


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Oct 15, 2006
brisbane, australia
it would be really cool if all developers got together and agreed on a format for emu functions. for instance, there are so many ways to exit an emulator except for mame i often just end up switching the bloody power off! if all emus utilised the same combo for especially for exit it would make for a more homogenous and professional experience.

its especially emabrrassing when im showing the machine off to friends when i cant remember how to exit from handy, or have to wait for the instructions to scroll past in gnuboy!
hmmm it is a good idea... that's why we have a website dedicated to this task!

GP2X Standards

cool! i had thought the mame L + R + start combo wold be good except other developers might object. but it sounds like quite a few people think its not a bad option. now we just have to point the developers to that site ;)
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There was a news post about it several weeks ago. A couple of the devs saw it or at least the thread announcing the launch.
A lot of the devs that worked on some of the earlier programs, games and eulatos on the GP2X are too busy to make an update. It will take time for things to reach a standardised state.