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Jul 13, 2008
The Netherlands
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I keep having some problems with my main SD card, a 32GB Kingston.

On this card are all my games and other stuff, and on a 2GB card I run the OS.

The problem is this: the 32GB card keeps going to Read-only mode, several times a day. This is really annoying since appdata is on the card too and since it is read-only nothing can write to it...

Does somebody have any idea how to fix this? Or stop it from occuring?
Any related messages in the dmesg-output when this happens? Terminal->"dmesg" (or "dmesg|less" for slightly better browsing)
If there's something wrong with the filesystem your card will go into read-only mode. Have any files been acting up lately? Also, you can remove and reinsert the card to free it up again.
I solved this problem by selling my Kingston card and buying a Lexar one.
^ Neko, have you added the problematic Kingston card to the SD Compatibility List on the wiki, or is it already there?

I had similar problems to FragMage with a 32GB Class 6 card from Verbatim, incidentally, and I had to replace it with a properly reliable card as well (Esn kindly added it to the wiki for me, in that instance). In my case, I bought a standard SanDisk Class 4 card (also 32GB), and have had no problems since (SanDisk make all of their own components, unlike relabelling companies like Kingston, who put randomness into theirs).
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It's already there (along with several other Kingston cards).
some people(aTc) have had faulty 2nd sd slot on their pandoras regarding writing to card, try running OS from NAND and putting your 32gb into other slot and see how it writes to it then, might be also good to try another filesystem, and as with any sd card, check it with h2testw, theres a similar app ported to pandora, name is slipping my mind righ now
My 2nd SD card slot has been acting up for the last few days, to where it'll more often than not fail to even realize there's a card in, and when it does find the card, it tends to forget how to write to it (sometimes after a moment).

It's not the cards that are faulty, since all of them work fine in the 1st slot.

Is there a fix for this problem?
When something like this happens, it has to be fake or different software for each card which we all know,so only way address this problem by buying cards from which will give no problems some of the cards the software use aren't very good they will work in some only,i've never had problems with cards they have no issues plus i've tried them many other devices and picture frames they work perfectly well.

I had problems with sandisk don't work in picture frames but cards did,cards they sell come from japan,no one can go wrong with them.
All my cards worked fine in both slots at first. Then all of a sudden the 2nd card slot went really bad, with every card. Different types. At the same time. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the problem is definitely the reader, and not the cards, which all still work fine in slot 1. Thing is, I need both slots.

ETA: I sent the Pandora in for repairs.
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