Some Questions about PayPal.


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Dec 11, 2010
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Hello everyone.. long time.
Glad Pyras are getting out into the wild.

Are any of you well versed in setting up a PayPal account? I’ve recently opened a First National Bank Account (South African), and linked the card to my old PayPal account which I upgraded to a business account.

In setting up the account they asked me which currency I would be dealing with mostly, so I chose dollars. Now in trying to link a bank, it will only let me link a US bank account!? I try to add another currency and South African Rands aren’t even listed!???

how do I link my South African FNB account to PayPal and receive payments? Most payments I will be receiving will be in dollars.

Any insight or help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
that sucks. i thought about using paypal for international stuff, but transferwise was a better fit for me:
(you can transfer either way). i have a US bank for withdrawals set up on transferwise, but i'm able to transfer into some holding accounts (on transferwise) that are GBP or EUR.

you might need to get customer support at paypal to switch to Rands...