Some PS2 RPG Classics - brand new and sealed!


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Mar 4, 2003
Well, the PS2 becomes a retro console... we're already a couple of generations further and it was 16 years ago that it saw the light of the day.

Time to stock some classic games... and as I'm an RPG fan, these well be mostly RPGs.

Titles like Final Fantasy X, XII or Dirge of Cerberus, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 or Shadow Hearts are now available in the shop as well.

Brand new and sealed. Perfect for playing them on the original console or in HD using an emulator.

The price is pretty reasonable as well. The versions I have are the UK ones, so they work in all European PS2 consoles and have english language.

Go check them out here:
Nice Idea ;)
I have all of these but for a PS2 RPG Collector like me these are nice Titles (exept Dirge of Cerberus,because its more a Shooter) :)
Maybe you will get some PS2 Accesiors too?

Here some Ideas :)
-Yuv/Component Cable (had for me the Best Quality and are very Combatible with most TVs)
-PS2 HDMI Converter(but beware many TVs do not support 480P with HDMI because they most scale not the Signal)
-Preinstalled FMCB Memory Cards for Homebrew? (is that Legal?)
-Slim HDD connection Kit
-Sata Converted Network Adapters for Sata HDD inside?
-The Software HDAdvance?
-GamePad converters for like them which Tototek have?
-newer Cases for the PS2 in other Colours and better cooling?
-Remote Controls for DVD and SMSMediaPlayer?
-a Slim PS2 Screen? (play wherever you are) :D

or maybe a PS2 Linux Kit?

These are all just Ideas :)
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