[solved elsewhere] Project: Starfighter (figurative) brick wall


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Aug 29, 2011
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EDIT: This was solved by one of the Project: Starfighter developers.

OK, I'm kind of cheating here, because my problem here isn't technically directly related to the Pandora, BUT this is an issue making progress towards a Pandora port of Project: Starfighter.

So, I'm at the beginning stages of porting this fantastic game to the Pandora. This includes two tasks: changing the controls to better suit the Pandora (done) and downsizing the screen from 800x600 to 800x480. The latter task is proving to be the most difficult since there are a LOT of hardcoded pixel positions in this game.

As I'm doing this, the biggest issue I've been running into is segfaults related to the changes. I've dealt with three so far, but I'm stuck on this one and out of ideas. This particular segfault happens when you enter the "intermission" screen, which is where the shop, options menu, planet selector, and a couple other things are (it's, appropriately, the screen you see between missions).

My current modified source can be found here:


Most of the code related to the intermission screen is in, appropriately, intermission.cpp. Although some of the programming style is questionable, it's pretty easy to read overall.

Note that I am not yet testing on the Pandora. Testing is currently being done on a normal desktop PC running Ubuntu. To compile and run, simply do:



Note one small problem: I've been doing my code editing on Windows (on a FAT filesystem), so you will have a permissions issue running pack.py and unpack.py. You need to adjust permissions to allow these to be run as executables.

If anyone has any ideas why it's segfaulting, please let me know. I really want to get this game on the Pandora, but I'm fresh out of ideas at this point.
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