1. K

    Looking for Open Pandora 1ghz

    Anyone with a great condition open pandora that they're willing to sell ? I'm looking for a 1ghz version that hasn't been overlocked. Detailed pics would be nice. I'm aware that there's one one ebay, but the seller seems to be ignoring all the "make offers"
  2. Robzed

    [SOLD] Selling my second Unused 1GHz Pandora

    I'm selling my second Pandora - Never used. Excellent condition, since it's been kept in the protective foam game in the box in a draw - and still has the protective screen film on Really wanted to sell it to the community rather than random ebay person who doesn't know what these are. The...
  3. A

    Sold - Pandora (1Ghz)

    Hello I hope this is a valid place to post this and that I'm not contravening any forum rules (apologies if I am). As part of a big clear out of items (both tech and non-tech) I am looking to sell my Pandora. It is a 1Ghz version The battery seems to be fine despite it being a number of years...
  4. Tirant

    SOLD: My Pandora 1Ghz is for sale!

    Hello fellow pandorians! I am selling my Pandora on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/OpenPandora-Handheld-Gaming-Console-1GHz-Edition/274066367008 Good luck!
  5. Inimuk

    (sold) 1GHz Pandora Bundle

    Mint condition (for the plastics used), no scratches. Nubs, LR, and keyboard all work just as well. Stable clock on 1,263 MHz. Tested stability for two weeks, won the SoC lottery, used for months. Includes: - Silver Pandora 1GHz Edition, Superzaxxon v1.76 - 2 x Lexar 128GB SDXC; 1 x Lexar...
  6. Foggy

    SOLD-Silver 1Ghz Pandora

    I am interested in selling my 1Ghz pandora. it comes with two batteries (1x battery case) original stylus and an after market charger. it also has a spare key board mat and a spare screen cable. I replaced the screen cable and speakers in the pandora this week and is now working great, prior to...
  7. RollingHaro

    WTB Open Pandora 1GHz

    I've currently looking to buy an OpenPandora. I live in the US around the southwest area. If you have a working 1GHz version and are willing to part with it, please PM me. I haven't had much luck finding anything in the DragonBox store, and anything on ebay is either over-priced or gets...