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btw, there are 2 TB SDHC cards?
No. 32GB is the current limit standard set by the SD Association LIMIT. The limiting factor is the number of NAND gates current technology can fit onto a SD card sized silicon chip. If factories were able to churn out larger capacity chips, the SD assoc. would up the standard. As a few companies have been able to get up to 64GB (not in mass quantities yet, but that is surely coming) they've created a new standard to handle these larger capacities. No doubt they will update the SDHC standard to work with higher capacities as well.
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You did miss something. hlide said that it should be possible through what sounds to me like a form of HLE. He said that unlike other consoles, where the code hits the hardware, the PSP's games make syscalls. He said that with a lot of work, he could try to remap the syscalls to the appropriate functions on the Pandora, or something along those lines.
But Eniko's point still stands - HLE approaches to emulation of PSP on PC, although underway, have yet to really produce a very useful emulator. It should be doable in theory but it's obviously not easy.

Yes, but the way I understand it, what hlide proposed to do is not the way that the PSP emus for the PC are going about HLE.

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