Snes9x resets?!

Lord Namsu

Jul 11, 2003
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This only seems to happen during two games that I have tried, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6. I know that the roms are fine cos I played them on my pc years ago. That and they run fine for a while, in Chrono Trigger I can have a few fights before it resets my gp32. In Final Fantasy 6 I can only get up to the intro sequence where all the writing is about how some people want to use magic for evil etc.
Can anyone shed some light on this. If its the emulator then will a newer version of snes9x allow the games to work?
I'm not sure about Chrono Trigger (I managed to get up to the part where Chrono jumps into the portal to try and save um...dang I forgot her name, and you have to fight those imp guys in order to get onto the world map, I saved my game when I got onto the world map and didn't bother to play anymore, it's too slow), but as for Final Fantasy 6 (Final Fantasy 3 in America) the game froze for me at the same place you were referring to. Maybe it's the ROM we're using or maybe it's the emulator, but I'm leaning more towards the ROM because nobody else bothered to report it until now.
I suspect the emu, since it's been doing it to me too, adn I've seen other reports in posts over at gp32emu occasionally.

Chrono trigger, though, I know some people have got to - say - the future before hitting any problems (although for me, I only get to where you're talking about - the moment it tries to do the portal, Snes9x resets). Its Marle, btw.

Earthbound is good, Robotech works fine... Illusion of Time (I think that's the one) played great for ages, and has yet to crash on me...

Interesting that the portal part in CT is in Mode7, and the intro for FF3/6 is mode7. Maybe it just can't stand more than a few seconds of said mode and doesn't clean the memory fast enough or something. Hmm... hopefully it'll be fixed in future versions, as long as Intellecto can work out what the problem actually is...
Yeah ive had the same problem, thought it was just my rom dump that was bad. B)
In chrono trigger, It froze before I went to the past. I think it froze as soon as marle stepped on the telepod... Also the snes emu resets for me unless the roms are in the main gpmm dir, it will just reset if the roms are in a sub dir...