Smartmedia For Sale


Still Fresh
Jan 12, 2004
I have a smartmedia 128 and 64 mb for sale. I had these for my gp32, but since it is broken, no use, eh?

128 mb SM card
64 mb SM card
Broken GP32
final fantasy tactics advance
sword of mana
indidvd tdk dvd+r burner
25 pack of dvd+r
dreamcast with 1 control, 2 mem cards, and 80+ games
tons of anime...


please post replies here, email full of spam, so i rarely attempt to sort it out
btw, i'm in Washington, USA
how much fer a memcard of your dc? :) (and which are they?)
How much for SMC's and what would Shipping to the UK Cost :D

complete, and the number of dvds
I also have anime cds full of anime avi episodes for distro.

Great teacher onizuka 5
Dirty pair flash 3
Tenxhi muyo 3
flcl 1
ad police 2
photon 1
record of lodoss war 6
fushigi yugi 12
VHD : Bloodlust 1
revolutionary girl utena 1
street fighter 2 V 4
X: tv series 4
love hina 3
gasaraki 5
Tales of eternia 2
ai yori aoshi 3
kanon 2
shamanic princess 4
sabre marinotte J 4
card captor sakura movies 1
Ah my goddess 2
Oh my goddess movie 1
His and her circumstances 5
Kenshin 15

as for the sm cards, tell me a price, and i'll decided

I have one black and one white offical sega dc mem cards
btw, i'm in Washington, USA



As far as I know, my post office has a flatrate global piority mail of $4.
So give me a good price, and consider it shipped.
The screen is messed up. I pulled out the screen and when i tried to plug it back in, i can't find it's sweet spot. the ribbon cable is picky. I got it in the sweet spot once (the gp32 was open). but when i closed the gp32, the cable moved out of the sweet spot again. I spent 5-10 hours searching for the friggen sweet spot, but I can't find it. Thus, I give up and i'm selling it. It does infact work perfectly, with the exception of the screen. I can easily get to the mp3 menu without the screen working, and I tested it. I can play the mp3s even though the screen is not working. Also, it's a non flu that can over clock to 166 mhz.

I'm in the USA.

how much for the black one and how much for the white one ? :D
Id like to buy your busted gp if possible, I live in ohio so no need to worry about shipping overseas.
Please tell me what you want your it