For Sale: Gp32, 2 X 128mb Smc, 1 X 64mb Smc

Cool I'm gonna bid. Also an aussie mate. ANy price that you would cancel the auction and sell it for? what does it overclock to on opensnes9x?
OK, just been doing some serious testing for you using NBA Jam TE.

Played multiple games at 150MHZ perfectly. No problems.

Tried playing twice at 156MHZ and it hung part way through the game each time.

Emulator hung before loading a game at 160 MHZ.

The emulation was perfect with NBA Jam.

Everyone's got their price :)
But I haven't thought about it. If you seriously want to discuss this then please send me an email (via eBay) with an offer.

Sorry but I have cancelled the auction as my GP32 is no longer available for sale. Apologies for any inconvenience.