Gp32 Flu For Sale (uk)

Mohammad Askari

Still Fresh
Jan 30, 2004
Hi everyone,

Well it's come to the point where I need money badly to continue my studies and I must sell my GP32. It can overclock to atleast 166 and it is still in it's original condition, with the front film still on. I am giving a 128 mb SmartMedia Card with it that has Movie Park and various roms and emulators with it ie. Streets Of Rage, Sonic And Knuckles, Pokemon Crystal, Metal Gear Solid etc. I will also supply fresh rechargeable batteries and for an extra £5, a recharger.

I'm willing to sell it for £140 GBP

Anyone interested???
im not interrested, but i just wanted to say that nobody will buy a used gp32 that costs 140!! i think that the price is too high.
it comes with an SMC also plus Movie Park and some other freebies which means less ROM searching for youever buys it
I would have bought it if I hadn't just won one on eBay - typical!

I would also say it's worth it because it can be overclocked. The price for a guaranteed 166Mhz from is £178 once you've added VAT - and that is without a 128Mb card...