Should I sell my Pandora?


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Dec 11, 2010
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I have an old First Batch 600Mhz that I haven't used in years.

When I was still using it, the charging port (or charger?) had stopped working. I was charging it via the microUSB.

It had been sitting dormant for a couple of years, so obviously the battery was flat - I was unable to get it to charge the battery when I tried it again, so I am unable to determine the state of the Pandora now.

The other issue with it was the full size USB port was 'loose' - i.e. it needed to be resoldered to the board, but otherwise worked if you were delicate with it and didn't bump whatever was plugged into the port.

It also has some cosmetic wear and tear with some of the brittle plastic chipped off at the hinge and one of the battery cover tabs.

Do I send it to ED to get fixed and then keep as a collectors item?

Get ED to fix and then sell it?

Do nothing, and keep as is?

Sell as is?

At the very least I think it would need a new battery and some minor soldering - not sure what is up with the charging port.
Do I send it to ED to get fixed and then keep as a collectors item?
This sounds good to me. Sending it to resolder the charging port and/or USB. Without the old battery. Because IIRC the Pandora works also with the charger plugged in, without battery.
Sending a battery IIRC costs disproportionally much, a pity since there are still NOS Pandora batteries in the Germany shop.
Getting a charger is easy, a used old PSP one works (I use one from an old digital camera).
I would keep it in your collection if you dont need the money: Its an Device that is much more exclusive than an Bughatti Sportscar, so when you did sent it to a new owner, you might not find another Pandora if you would have the need for a Pandora again..