Serial Console With Samsung E810Usb Cable ?


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Dec 28, 2005

I am trying to get a working serial console with a samsung e810 usb cable without success.
The e810 cable has 4 wires: black,red,white and blue.
The trouble already begins when I try to identify the wires following the test from wiki
Using a multimeter I get 3.3V white<->black
Using a headphone I get a static low volume hum and only on keypress in minicom clicks an the headphone with white<->black
With white<->blue connected I can see the typed characters in minicom itself

According to the wiki page at "Determining ground and power" there should be a 3V power supply, but I can't find it. Any hints ?

white: tx or power ?
blue: rx
black: gnd or power ?
red: ? nothing

What is the minimum wire connection requirement to get some output in minicom shown..Do I have to supply 5V to the caanoo ext pin 4 / usb host port 5v ?

Does anyone has a working serial console with the caanoo ?


Jun 9, 2008
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Yes, you can make a serial cable but there is a trick. You must to get the power from the USB. Look this thread.
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Dec 28, 2005
I have a working serial console cable with usb and tv out working now.

I ordered 2 more E810 USB cables. One isn't working or it is a driver specific problem as linux isn't recognizing it.
Plugging in the other one creates a /dev/ttyUSB0 device so I did use this one.

This cable has 4 wires on the ext connector side: black,red,white and blue.

Black: ground : pin 12 and 19
Red: don't know : not connected
White: TX : pin 13
Blue: RX : pin 14
The pin are numbered here from left to right when looking at the ext connector of the cable on the side you can see without opening the cables ext plug.
The colors of the wires can be different in your cable !
             | usb |
             / /
            / /
           / /
 /           ext          /|

The description for identifying the wires at did confuse me as I couldn't get 3V with any combination of the wires and I could here click when typing in minicom to /dev/ttyUSB0 with a lot of combinations.
Black : ground : was connected twice in the E810 USB cable as in all of my E810 cables - my multimeter did report 3,3V White<->Black when connect to an usb port
White : TX : was the one with a static low volume sound when connect to earphones (with black) and the one with the loudest "click" sound on typing in minicom.
Blue : RX : with white<->blue connected I could see the typed characters in minicom itself
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