Sd Card Reader Not Working Anymore.


Still Fresh
Jul 29, 2008
About a week ago my SD card reader stopped working on my Gp2x F-200.
The only things I did that I don't usually do was that I loaded & unloaded the SD card while the system was running. (I were testing what video formats it could run) The system ran just fine that evening but the next day it didn't detect the SD card any longer.

Like usually it creates the usual folders when I try to accsess the SD but they dissappear when I turn the system off. (It dosen't write anything to the different cards I've tried)

I've had the system for a few months now and until now I've had no unusual problems with it.
Is these problems usually caused by hardware or software errors?

Probably gonna return it but would like to know if there other possibilties to fix it or is it just junk as it is?