Retro Ball Event 2005 (charity Event)


*Real* Arcade Gamer
Mar 25, 2005
Arse end of nowhere
hi, i thaught you would all like to know about the retroball event, a classic games show with stands and stalls regarding all retro video games. i'll be there on the #jamma+ stand as i'm taking a couple of arcade cabs for the arcade zone. it's going to be a great weekend, and it's all for charity!

Yep i hope lots of people go to this, its good when the money is going to charity as well.

I'm going to this, should be great.
seems as it's this weekend, this post is worthey of a bumping ;)

i'll heading down tomorrow, with 3 of my cabinets, offloading, setting up, and enjoying all the other gear before the public get to play ;)

hope to see (some) of you there ;)
Pity if I'd know about it sooner I'd have been there. Too late to change shifts now though :( Looks like a lot of fun, about the only thing missing to make it truley retro would be a collection of old Grandstand, Entex etc tabletops and game n watch stuff. Now that'd be worth knocking work for. Oh well have fun anyone who goes.
There's a bloke going who is the new Galaxian World Record Holder!

He scored 399, 290.

Thats a lot of waves of nasty dive bombers!

I bet he's great fun at parties!
great weekend had by all :) plenty of people turned up, and had a great time.

like you say, sadinista is amazing at galaxian, he flys thru the waves pretty quick and hardly misses a shot!

sadly one of my cabinets died on the saturday evening (time crisis) so i'm not as cheerful as the rest :(