Rethinking PNDs and standard packaging approach

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    As for statically or dynamically linking certain libraries, from a (simple) user point of view, we want things to work. 

    If an automatic update of some kind would break a game an essential feature will be an easy way to trace back what broke the game i.e. what library or other thingamajig broke my previously working game. And an easy way to have the previous working library linked to that game, so it will work again (but does keep your system up to date)...

    This is a problem/solution that won't happen on a static linked repository and could easily get to complicated on a dynamic linked repository. I therefor would opt for an inbetween option basically allowing both, like many java packages on PC you can download a version that has it's own Java built in and will always work (usb installations for example) but they also offer light versions for those who already have java on their machine and are confident an update wont break this particular piece of software. If for some reason the software does break one can download the fully packaged version.

    This leaves the confident developers the option to create very light packages and the more cautios developers to package their favorite versions of libraries.

    2 cents from user perspective.
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