Research in the Open source handheld/gaming community

Feb 20, 2009
Hi everybody,

as some of you may have read on GP32x I am looking for people who have been around in the OS handheld/gaming scene for some time and with whom I could conduct an intervew on the development and importance of openness in this scene. I am sorry for crossposting here, but some of the people I spoke with pointed out, that not everybody will still read the GP32x forums.

Some information on the background on the research:

the interviews are only for scientific purpose, I am mainly interested in the question, how the need for openness becomes more/less important in OS communities over time. They will take 10-20 minutes by phone, but it can also be done via messenger or whatever you prefer.

It would be really great help for me, so if you are interested, just send me a message or an email, and I'd be happy to contact you.

Of course, the interviews are done anonymously, the results will also be made available here.

Thank you very much,