Replacing Caanoo Lcd Help


Still Fresh
Apr 5, 2010
Hi all, 
But now I was able to purchase a replacement CAANOO LCD and even though I'm new to working with hardware like this, I've managed to take apart the thing (with difficulty), however I'm stuck on the final bit. The actual removal and replacement of the screen. 
How do you remove the connector from the motherboard? 
I've attached pictures of the step I'm at


you see that long black piece, its actually a lever that you can lift up allowing you to easily slide the ribbon cable in and out. almost anything that has a ribbon cable connecting it to a board has somethng like that.
Looks similar to those on old ide cables.
But it looks scary to lift. let us know hoe it goes.
Did you get a similar LCD or anything improved? 
Thanks, I got it to slide up, and I put in the ribbon. I plugged in the charger and to my relief, it turned on with the screen fully functional. I put it back together and everything seems to work.
Ahh, finally got my CAANOO to work.
EDIT: Oh I bought the same LCD implemented in CAANOOs from Ed's shop. I lucked out, in December they were all sold out, but I checked a month after and 3 were still in stock. Well, two now.
Hey thats great !  
By the way where did you happen to find the replacment screen ?
i also need one for a cannoo a friend gave me recently just the outer screen is cracked .