Replace Pandora hinge with DS hinge?

Well they are similar, but I would guess not without modification .


Seems like a lot of effort for a really minor improvement.

On a related note, I remember early reviews saying that the hinge was quite loose. But mine is nice and stiff... about the same as the DS, in fact. I supposed this was fixed?
If my LCD cable ever dies I will be buying a new case and new LCD cable and attempting to replace the hinge in my current case. If I fuck it up ill just rebuild into a new case.
I remember way back before the test cases were even made someone found a company that had a patent on an adjustable hinge. You would hold it in the position you wanted it to click, tighten it, and it would always click in that position. I think the OP team looked into it and they either had the patent but no working prototype(smells like patent trolls) or they wanted some huge amount to have their hinge used in devices.

If it exists and isn't just a patent that would be ideal to use.