Reminiscence-flashback Engine For Gp2x, V0.1 Beta


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Mar 25, 2003
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Well, I think it's time to release my first GP2X binary, isn't it ?

I've ported the amazing REminiscence engine as an exercise training to test & stress my minimal SDK libraries.

The port itself is almost finished and its smooth as hell. It's only missing savestates and maybe slighty louder sound effects.

I will release a proper binary in the next days featuring the missing bits and providing full source code.

Feel free to drop your feedback/suggestions before I move to another project... this one is 98% FINISHED :)

Now enjoy this wonderful game! :)


download it here
wow, this is the last game i thought that would be ported to the gp2x, i cant believe some body loves this game as much as i did, it was the first game i completed, without cheats.

thank you sooooo much :D
I only ever had a chance to play flashback for a few mins, and i was one of those dumbasses who kepy dying on the second screen :D
Im looking forward to giving it another play. Looks like excellent work, grat choice for a first project.

This was the game i bought the GP2X to play on the move...I have a tear in my eye
What about "savestate" function?

It supports flashback for SegaCD or other Flashback port using CD-AUDIO?

Thanks for your port :)
U R A F-ing GOD, not only something new to put on my 2X but my all time fave game, you bloody hero.

Next your be telling us your porting FADE TO BLACK :rolleyes:
I've played through the first two levels already :p

Feedback wise (most if not all of which i'm sure your well aware of):

-Audio runs fast (I know your working on)
-Graphical Glitchs in cut scenes, where objects appear flat lines
-L + R crashes my GP2x instead of terminating the app
-Savestate or keyboard input of passwords (I know your working on)

Tried it and its great maybe even a little to fast the sound is to fast though, I guess about 4 times and screen could be a little bit larger to fit the 2X's screen.

THanks again greta job