Recommended android games for an old lady (my mother got a new phone)


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Jan 8, 2010
Yes, the question is so stupid that I didn't know where to ask.

The thing is that I bought a mobile phone for my parents since his new provider offered a free mobile data plan. My mother did some computer courses and liked simple flash games, then asked me to install some games in the phone.

I have never owned an android device and don't know any games from it aside most known, then I will try asking here. I want something that fits the following criteria:

-Must be soft paced (she is 55 years old)

-Big characters/icons whatever

-Simple mechanics

-No in-app purchases (god knows what would happen if there where)


-Free stuff

-Childish graphics

And that's more or less what I'm looking, maybe someone which young kids may give some ideas. Thanks a lot to everyone.
Doodle Jump / Angry Birds?

Roulette Royale (no in-app purchases last I checked and only game currency, no real money)

Some sort of multi solitaire game? (found one but IAP)

Pinball Arcade (IAP as well..)


Dots Adventures
I'd encourage you to show her how to find games and let her chose for herself that way you're not bothered everytime. ;)

Try games like Peggle, Plants vs Zombies, World of Goo, Angry Birds to start off with. The rest of the games I know are iOS only so I really can't help.

I love it, very simple concept but can get a bit tricky as the levels progress.

Once you get a way in, you have around 5 colour lines to link up, which cannot cross eachother, so that's how it gets a bit more difficult/

I play this version online too, which is basically the same game, so you can see what it's like here yourself and if it might be her type of thing...

I found this first, then went looking on the Play Store for something similar to have on my phone. Tried a few and Flow Cube was my fav
Angry Birds may be a very obvious one, but my late grandmother enjoyed it a lot and she had never played any games before that. You might wanna try the other Rovio games and see what works for her from there.
No One saye Peggle?

I recommend Peggle and Jewels Star,this 2 Games are perfect for Gaming and training the Reflexes ;)
I double the notion on Peggle, but it can get a little complex after

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Thanks to everybody. I will show her the ones suggested.

By the way if anyone comes with more ideas i must that she does only talk/reads spanish.