Recommendation for game-news and -reviews?


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Sep 22, 2008
What sides can you recommend for gaming-news/-reviews for the needs listed below?

Direct game recommendations for PC are also welcome.

- clean, lean layout without tons of animated ads

- non-hyped articles for a grown-up

- emphasize on games with "decent content"*, also on drm-free games and independend productions.

- main-focus on PC-games or an option to filter out console-/mobile-games

*about "decent content": That depends a lot on taste. So here are a few examples of game-styles that I like and don't, although I haven't really played any commercial title during the last decade:

- yes: a game where you can explore and build up a character, like skyrim

- yes: racing games that can be both, arcade- or simulation-based, but I would dislike anything that is close to stuff  like TheFast&Furious (movie) i.e. cheap women, cheap music, cheap tuning.

- yes: brain-/tactic games like FasterThanLight,

- no: ego-shooters like counterstrike or warfare. While technical interesting, I wouldn't be motivated to play them. There would have to be at least some story. Eg: Bioshock Infinite might be able to interest me.

- no: games where cheap brutality is the focus, like a teenage girl cutting people in two by using a chainsaw and getting points for it. Violence is ok if it shows false decisions of yours, but it shouldn't be celebrated. I doubt that I would enjoy Assissin's Creed or Gods of War.

- yes:

- yes:

- no: Too much hollywood-style: In some games the developers tryed to put too much action into it. For example I enjoyed TombRaider1, but I probably wouldn't like the latest Tombraider.

Bare in mind that these are just examples and some of them are no strict rules. So if for example the story would be good, then I could make an exception to something I do not like that much. Any feedback welcome.

One side that seems to be quite ok is:


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Feb 16, 2012
Paris, France
I think Rock Paper Shotgun is perfect for your needs. 

- I don't recall seeing animated ads on it

- It has great articles

- It talks a lot about independent games 

- It's PC only

Besides this, it has great reviews that don't give ratings but just opinions and a lot of humor


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Mar 11, 2003
Oh, doh, reading fail :)

I've been following it for years; the yseem to like Grimrock and projects like that, which makes me happy.

I found too many Kickstarters at Kotaku.. I'm poor now :eek: