Real Ultimate Power!!!


Still Fresh
Dec 24, 2002
Just a reminder Rambozo: you aren't superior to everyone here.
Will you just shut the fsck up a let the rest of us alone!


Mar 5, 2003
Toronto, Canada
You know, the first time I went to that website I actually thought it was pretty funny; I thought it was some kind of guy with a twisted sense of humour pretending to act as if toilet humour was funny.
Then I looked a bit closer. Nope, I'm afraid what you see is what you get. A chubby, probably bullied, and insecure 11-year-old with glasses, going to any lows to get a little attention.

Don't believe me? He was actually sued by a coalition of mothers who wanted him to take his site down (or at least put a disclaimer on it) because their kids started to "flip out" and injure each other (check the "Hatemail" section of his website).

Here's the link for the final court decision:

"To the plaintiff's surprise, after hearing the judge's decision Hamburger approached Ms. Evans and her lawyer, giving each a hug. Afterward, he walked toward the exit, stopped, pulled down his pants and laid a log right right on the court room floor, and said "Now that's real ultimate power." Then he ran."

;) However I try, I can't go low enough to find that funny...