Software Read-Only Filesystem after running PNDs


Dec 30, 2012
Sometimes my Pandora will start throwing errors saying mounting the PND failed. Checking the log/out file shows mkdir not able to create directories under /mnt/ as the file system is read-only.

It seems to happen after running at least one PND as the first try after fresh restart always works. The PNDs that due run successfully return code 1 like normal and there doesn't appear to be any correlation between what PNDs are used to trigger the error (last attempt/restart I only ran the nub configurator and then it became read-only.)

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: crap, if someone could move this to the Pandora section that'd be great
Thanks levi, I saw that thread but didn't think it was SD related, I assumed it was the internal storage/filesystem.

That appears to have solved the problem (once I figured out my device was called mmcblk0p1).
It looks like that fix only lasts for the current session. Once I restart, the problem returns after running a couple (sometimes one) PND.
Something appear to be breaking your filesystem, especially if fsck reports some fixes need to be made each time you run it, observe its output closely. How is your SD card formatted? I'm not aware of any mainstream FSes that linux is likely to mess up, perhaps HFS, but you'll only end up on that likely if you SD card was bought for apple macs, or has been formatted on one.