Rboy2x V0.2


Jan 26, 2009
Hey guys, I just released a version 0.2 of rboy2x - a virtual boy emulator.
(as v0.1 news never made it to the main page, you have probably never heard of it).

The emulation speed isn't very impressive, games usually run at ~3-4 fps.
Here's a youtube vid I made, that shows rboy2x in action:

Download: gp2x archive mirror

So, what's new in v0.2?
* you can now quit the emulator by pressing VOLDOWN + VOLUP
* added rom launching menu

Oh, and many thanks to Kanalia (Wojtek) from forum.openpandora.pl, he made few changes in code so I was able to add a rom selection menu.
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Kanalia has already rewritten the frameskip system, so rboy is now a bit faster with frameskip enabled.
That's gonna be included in v0.3, so stay tuned ;)
Zear, I'm actually ON these forums too, you know? ;)

Yeah well the main "change" between the 0.1 and 0.2 versions was the way the software was loaded. I just exchanged the order that arguments were passed to the executable, which is what zear needed to make it work with a GUI loader :)

As for frameskip, the original rboy had a quasi-frameskip implementation. In practice it was more of a graphical effect than a performance improvement. I changed that.
I also rewrote the whole fps counting mechanism. The old implementation was based on some set constants, which I found a tad funny :). The new implementation crunches out the real deal. I know this doesn't really help to enhance the emulation speed, but I find that accurate performance testing is essential to good performance optimization :).

A new change, courtesy of zear, is that now you can control the frameskipping during runtime with the VOLUP and VOLDOWN buttons. Loads better than setting up the initialization parameter manually through the GUI, or so I've heard :).

I still have some ideas to try and quirks to fix prior to the release of version 0.3.

Some may ask what does zear have to do with all this if I'm doing all the coding. The simple answer is that it was his idea to port this emulator to the GP2X and as a matter of fact, he owns this particular handheld and I don't (so that kinda explains who's my main beta-test guy :D).

Frameskip is kinda an important improvement, because at the moment, as zear tells me, the GP2X without frameskipping performs at around 4fps. I don't know if we'll ever get it to playable speed, but I'm giving it a shot at least ;).

Can't see why not. We'd need someone with a Wiz to test it though :)
Keep in mind that rboy requires allegro lib. And I'm not sure if that was ported to wiz yet.
Afair gp2x had lot of problems with allegro in the past, who knows if it's gonna be like that with the wiz as well..
Well, there's no problem for me to download the wiz toolchain, try to compile allegro, and see it for myself ;)
Of course I'm taking that into account zear :) Yeah, try to compile it, see if there are any problems at this stage and if not then we can test it. If there are then we'll put our problem-solving gloves on :D