Raspberry Pi

codev licenses? pfah, I doubt you'll run into any of that; for avi/divx/etc, you'll be playing out of the box in no time :)
Theses are to enable the hardware decoder. and at the moment I just discovered that openelec can't play MPEG4 div3...luckily it has no problem with my sd H264 movie I trow at it but I still have some old movies in divx3...


got not luck with the WMV v9 file I thrown at it, sub 1fps speed with the top tenth of the screen filed with random green/red artifact...

the video I choose was:


by the way thanks for the link, it might prove usefull...
I bought and use the decoder for MPEG2. Live TV uses MPG2 in Australia.
Works well
got it up and running! have installed openelec and it works like a charm.

now i'm finally able to watch HD movies on my old CRT TV :D
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it works great there, but I'm a bit worried about not being able to play some old DIVX I have in my collection for years...