Question: Using Pandora to run Logitech Media Server


Still Fresh
Jan 9, 2006
Logitech Media Server used to be Squeeze Server, the open source software that works with Squeebox music streaming devices.

Anyway, ever since my old server broke, I've been thinking that it would be convenient to be able to run the software on a Pandora. (Low power consumption, silent operation, etc.) There's a version for Debian/Ubuntu Linux. However, although I'm reasonably good at figuring things out, I have no familiarity with this whole idea of "repositories" and so forth.

So basically, I was wondering whether this idea is worth pursuing, if it would be too much trouble, etc. Thoughts?
Thanks for the reply.

Incidentally, I know that, back in the day, people used to use Squeeze Server for general music streaming purposes. It doesn't require a Squeezebox, and it supports FLAC. I believe that the interface uses a web browser, IIRC.

I'm not sure what might have changed with the software, if anything, since Logitech bought Slim Devices, the former maker of Squeeze Boxes.
Dunno too ^^.

I just installed what is seems to be the complete package on Slackware.

It needs some perl modules. Those modules are usually easy to build.

If you just want to stream, if this program doesn't run, other solutions are possible.
The situation for me is that I have three Squeeze Boxes, which are still supported by Logitech as far as firmware upgrades. Right now they are connecting to the internet for internet radio, rather than a local server. I know that I could run the server software on my desktop, but the power draw for something like that is too large in the long run.

It's good to hear that it looks like it might be possible to use a Pandora for this function.