Question about the corruption of sdcards in the second slot.


Jan 30, 2013
Australia Victoria
Hello, so i've been dying to test out Android on my Pandora, but i've been holding off until i had a screen protector on it. Today i finally got a screen protector applied. I'm pretty exited; i have been restraining using the touch capabilities of my Pandora since i bought it.
I have two 125 GB cards that live in my slots. the one in slot 2 only had media on there, but it is replaceable and unimportant. Because of their size, these sd cards weren't cheap. I would hate for one to become unusable just because i used Android on it.

If i did use it, and my card became corrupt, if i didn't care about my data, would it be reparable through formatting?
I have yet to see any corruption using Android, I've been using the SD cards for almost a year now.

Formatting should be able to fix them..
Thanks for your input Trashymg.

I still haven't had the chance to boot Android. I've got a few other issues with my Pandora i'm trying to iron out first. :)
The same goes for me. I've been using Android for a while, no corruption at all. Recently I even switched over to a 64GB and a 128GB sdcard. Android runs well :)
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