Pyra's root filesystem.

Discussion in 'Pyra OS (Debian GNU/Linux)' started by 133794m3r, Oct 29, 2014.

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    Oct 3, 2008
    I did the dd benchmarks that we had back when SD cards weren't faster than the slots they were going in.  Everyone was trying to find the fastest SD cards so several of us were benching them.

    Although the dd benchmarks would show similar performance results for EXT4 as EXT2, actual in-application performance on EXT4 was MUCH slower for me than EXT2 was.  That may have been card dependent - hard to tell.

    Regardless, I think that it should be possible to do some basic testing of different FS formats to find out what performs best on the particular NAND that gets used in the Pyra - whatever that winds up being.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    HI, I am glad BTRFS  is being discussed. I have used it as one and only fs for ~5mnths on my laptop and ~1mnth on my siduction powered chromebox (16G). both are up to date with debian unstable packages.

    I love the snapshot feature, without it I would  not experiment as much as I like. About the concern that this will be too complicated to use, a minimal front end that lets users set up snapshotting as cron-jobs and roll back would go a long way.

    The Jolla phone ( uses BTRFS and lets users roll back. According to this report of problems with a full btrfs (, a minimum of 1,5G should be unallaocated.... that is not much to loose at all, but i can very well see that we dont want these kind of problems, or require users to solve them manually. So if the OS can alert the user or in some way reduce the probility of filling the disk, btrfs should be doable and worth it IMO, if only for snapshotting and roll-back.

    3 days ago i noticed my chromebook had 99% disk usage after testing out games without cleaning up. I did not notice any problems beside my inability to download stuff. maybe these problems are solved???

    Okay thanks for hearing me out, needed to vent my positive experiences about btrfs.

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