PyraOS Changelog


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Apr 25, 2009
It's probably a good idea to have a changelog here for any major changes/updates in the pyra packages. Everything is designed to only need an "apt update;apt upgrade" to push the changes through, although in rare cases manual changes or a reinstall may be needed.

  • 26 May 2021 : pulseaudio config update

    The pyra pulseaudio config has been updated to create two seperate output sinks for Headphones and Speakers.
    (The audio driver unfortunately only works as a four channel device that goes to speakers and headphone at the same time)
    The sound coming out should now also be proper stereo instead of a mix of the left and right channel going to each speaker. (the channel map defaulted to being left/center outputs instead of left/right)
    The default output is always forced to speakers at boot, but can be changed in the volume/mixer settings.
    Work still has to be done to switch to headphone output automatically when plugged in.

  • 17 Nov 2021 : Pyra repo key expired

    apt update gives the error message : " The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG B9CB5B9FA32E2FAE Pyra Dev <>"
    The repo key wasn't generated with the "never expire" option like I thought it was.
    This causes "apt update" to fail on the Pyra package repo.
    Unfortunately it can only be fixed from the Pyra itself, by doing
    sudo apt-key add pyra-public.pgp
    After that everything should work again.
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All that pyra-config-* packages are built from the same source, so an update to one means the version number of all of them goes up, even if nothing changed there.
Otherwise I'd have to make a new git project for each of the config packages, or dump all config files into a single package, which would make it a lot harder for someone to do a custom/alternative config.
(And at the time I created the repo this was the easiest way to get everything going, this side of debian packaging isn't the best documented)
Oh I see, okay! Also the new audio setup works well. I disabled the setting speakers as default on boot, as that was preventing it from autoswitching to my bluetooth headphone amp when I turn it on.
Its a bit sad whe ditnt have this Thread updatet since June 2021, there where quite a lot changes since then, but stuff you would only notice when you read them on the Update in the Terminal and as i myself are quite noobish still i dont know what the Packages would cause that will get download.., i knew GL4EX is for the Graphics, and SDL is for the Screen , but the other stuff, is a Book whit 7 seals ^^