Pyra carry case and accessories.

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Dec 29, 2009
I guess its the least of eds worries and should be easy to do, but will we get a hardcase for the pyra.

What colour or colours?

So what else will be included in the pyra box, apart from magic of course?

Mini hdmi to large hdmi cable?

Charging plug.
Because the Pyra, if the Telephone Part is easy to use will be most of the Time Pocket Carry, i would wish a Silicone Sleve which whil be mount on the case and save it from stratches, dust and fingerprint

You can also leave the Logo out or use thinner Silicone..

Have this also on Vita and New 3DSXL and it works great..

But the Problem will be that they want be much pyras, and not everywhone wants such a Silicone case..

For Powerplug: ED Twittered one some weeks ago, which was a Wallplug whit twoo USB Ports: one whit a bit more current for the Pyra, and the other par expemple for a USB Drive or something..

A Carry Case like the new one from the Pandora whould be great, they arent expensive but have enought space for accessories..
With an aluminum case I hopefully won't need a carrying case.  I really want a metal case at or close to launch.
I always chuck my Pandora in one of my pockets, no case. I guess I would treat the Pyra the same.

I do however, would like to have a nice case or pouch to store my usb accessoires like the hub, small mouse, ext hdd, some sd cards, charger, usb light, wifi dongle and whatever more I have collected over time.

Stuff that could be handy to have with you but you almost never carry with you because its too much little stuff. :p
All of those extras would cut down on portability for everyday carry.  They would be a good idea if you are heading somewhere where you can unpack.  For typical running around, such as shopping or running errands, all of that is unneccasary.  You might be better off keeping that stuff at work if that is where you expect to use it.  Maybe it is just me, but I have found that things get lost or damaged when carried too much and pulled out all the time.

For transport, when not lugging a bunch of stuff aroud I personally like options like what matzesu and FBnil mentioned.  I use a little drawstring bag to protect my Pandora from scratches when I don't need to carry a Pelican case with HDDs and other stuff.   I have noticed I am still getting scratches and scrapes.  It will be nice if the Pyra doesn't need to be painted.
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Well, i also carryd my Pandora every day in the Pocket of my German Bundeswehr Pants, it was the black case, and it was a bit treatet, but just works well..

I think if the new Case is durable enougth, there isnt a need for a Protektive Case..

Even if the Pandora is a Item which is more exclusive than a Bugatti Frenron, its just a Everyday Use Item..

So, a Hard Carry Case like on the Pandora, and im Happy..