Please Help A (very Stupid) Newbie : Me ^^


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Aug 2, 2004
I love Doom. On PC, SNES, GBA, N64, PSX (best version), Mac, Xbox,...
Actually it's my favorite game and one of the reason I bought a GP32.
I've just done Ultimate Doom et Doom 2 and my chainsaw needs new meat.
So I've dl some wads on Falken and Drumaster site (thank you guys !), put them on my smc but the main menu doesn't find them. I read there's a trick to do but I didn't understand.
I also read there were patches for the wads. What are they doing ? How can I apply them ?

Can't wait GPDoom v10 !
I have them. How do I think I've played Doom 2 without the wad ? ^^
I just don't understand the trick. Do I just have to copy the wads in the same folder ?
That's what I've done and it doesn't work...
It still indicates that I have only two wads : Doom and Doom 2.
Or maybe they are recognized and I must launch Doom 2 to play these wads ?
Anyway in 11 days I will have an OD of Doom :rolleyes:
Depends on the WAD - some you need to rename to Doom2.wad and launch that way - some you can launch as "Extra WADs" - line after Game: They need to go in the same folder as the Doom and Doom 2 WADs.

Hope this helps

on my gp32 i have to select doom 1 / 2 and then another one as pwad.

i'll take a look at it this evening and post a mini guide.
how to play the quake wad:

1. copy doom to \GPMM
2. make a new folder \GAME\DOOM
3. copy doom2.wad to doom
4. copy quake.wad to doom

5. start doom
6. select doom 2 as main game
7. select quake as pwad

8. have fun
notice that some PWADS require doom 1 to launch, but most require doom 2.
some modifications also are "stand-alone" means you have to rename them to either doom.wad or doom2.wad and put in game/doom folder and you wouldnt require doom 1 or 2 original version for that, but pwads save more space on ya smc ;)

btw check doom64 doom western mod, doomIII (the doom2 mod not the new 2004 game ;) ) and simpsons wad :p