Playstation 2 Online

Its £30 for 12 months with a headset included, not really much if you break it down weekly?

halo2....fps games are the only reason I still have a fast loud hot running PC as you simply cannot play them on a joypad, well you can and I guess everyone else has to put up with the awful controls but you cant beat a kb+mouse for them. I always felt sorry when dreamcast owners joined quake 3 servers in the past lol

infact that reminds me, had a discussion with friend before as he had toca race driver 2 for his xbox, I bought it for my pc as i didnt own a xbox then, why cant you play together online? At the end of the day the xbox is running on a windows kernel, it uses tcp/ip networking and people with different spec pc's can play together so timing of frame updates is not an issue. Especially as I just remembered that quake3 dreamcast owners which ran on windows ce could play against pc ones and Mac for that sake. Would be so good if more xbox/pc games were compatabile together online, would really open it all up and have tons more players
good point, must have almost made up for the 33k modem :D

why on earth they put that in when 56k chips are so cheap I dont know. Only valid reason I can think of is that modems upload at 33k so at least it was the same both ways which may have helped coding
I remember a topic on these boards a while back that suggested standing your PS2 vertically increases the chance of scratched discs. I've used the search function and still can't find that post. Was it agreed that standing the PS2 vertically is a bad thing? Also if anyone can be arsed to post any games unique to the PS2 that they recommend feel free!
Putting it verticle was deemed "bad" because the lazer had to do extra work to pull up against gravity and so wearing it down quicker. I think...