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Discussion in 'Support Area' started by andmaz777, Oct 5, 2018.

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    i am having difficulty getting this to work - looked at some threads and enabled USB host plus connected a USB hub 2.0 compliant.

    The joystick is a Venom, currently available from Argos for £59.99, working perfectly on my laptop running mame but pandora mame4all not working.

    What am I doing wrong - would have thought this would be nearly plug and play - how can I tell if the pandora recognises the joystick? I can use the terminal but have no idea what I am really doing.

    Does mame4all work with external joysticks? Tried panmame that I have installed but it says loading then dies.

    Tried my friends arcade cabinet that runs a pi3b+ and the arcade games I want to play seem to be perfect on my cc pandora so that's why thought about using the joystick for a n authentic arcade feel - if that works will then want to get a tvout cable from ED.
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    IIRC when using PanMAME you need to bring up the in-game menu* and there are options to remap the controls in there. In emulators including the Emu Ex Plus Alpha system emulators they had a decent main menu interface into remapping the controls when I was using a bluetooth joystick, which enabled you to store multiple controls so you could map both the pandora controls and the joystick controls to the control, but that won't run all arcade games.

    * I forget the key to bring that up. I think it might be Escape or Tab or something.
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    Entering "dmesg" in terminal would show you if a device was plugged in and if you can use it.

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