Pandora page is blank


Still fresh, damnit!
Oct 6, 2008
Somewhere off the coast of the EU
Looks like it went missing between Nov 27 and 29th there according to I don't recall any downtime around then, but it's possible I may not have been checking while it got upgraded, or maybe it's not upgrade related.

Yes, that page does seem to try to inherit some code from, which this page by comparison isn't, I don't get any noticeable error if I enable scripts down to that level, but I've not checked all of my consoles. I didn't enable when I was using either, so I think the page used to be hosted here and not require special javascript priviledges to access

Edit2: I did seemingly connect to, but got an empty or possibly one line of spaces response (not sure how to see the different at present). But certainly nothing useful.
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