Pandora hold button intermittent + silver cylinder


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Mar 14, 2004
London, UK
My old CC Pandora has developed a fault. It seems to be going very slow/becomes unresponsive intermittently. I ran the keyboard test and found that hold appears to trigger randomly at times + sometimes other keys seem stuck.

I took it apart to have a look and found a loose cylindrical component with 3 pins marked 'ks' on the bottom. Looks like it was stuck on somewhere with black glue. I'm not sure if this broke off while investigating (I was gentle) or previously...

Anyway I've got a few questions:

1) Any idea what the part is and the impact of it having fallen off?

2) Has anyone else had the 'stuck hold' issue?

3) Are there options for getting new plastics, LCD cable and main board? With taking it apart to fix the shoulders then this I've managed to wear out a few of the screw holes...

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Edit: Sorry, meant to post in the support forum...
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Is there a partnumber on the piece? Can you show a photo of where it used to be?

Sounds like a capacitor.
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No idea, was on reverse of board and I've never removed it for fear of damaging LCD cable! Will see if I can get glue off to see part number on top tonight and will ask Craig or Ed about possible repair cost.
Edit: Standard Caps have only two pins...

Quartz clock/crystal oscillator is important, but afaik those have only 2 pins, too

Could it be the microphone? Dunno how many pins that has, but it falls off easily

Edit: That one missing shouldn't have any impact on pandora functionality - except the recording of sound, of course :)
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Yep, definitely the mic. No idea what is going on with the hold though. Possibly the hold/power switch is slightly broken. Probably an easy repair for someone in the know so going to see if I can 'upgrade' it...