Opening Pandora Screen?


Dec 1, 2010
Hey people anyone advise me onto how to open the pandora as i have a dust particle/food particle stuck on the inside of the screen, is it possible to remove the screen screws and attempt to take this out or is there a better way, the particle is very small less than a mm but its stuck on the inside of the screen

Also I had problems with shoulder buttons that never clicked and got stuck BUT I easily resolved that by opening the back and there was two very small sticky cusuins that were out of place so i stuck those on the plastics and the shoulder buttons are perfect. Also the LCD CABLE SEEMS TO BE STUCK TO THE SCREEN SO DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW I CAN REMOVE THE DUST PARTICLE ON SCREEEN?, I CAN open it not a problem but i believe there may be glue on the screen or something, My pandora is perfect and i love it just need the particle to go and then I have the perfect pandora ever built


Is this any use ?
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Hold on!
First off, the screen should not be opened unless you are pretty much an expert when it comes to dealing with delicate hardware.
Secondly I recall either Craig or ED advising someone else that if the particle is actually under the screen then it is a defect _within_ the screen (and not under it) which must be dealt with by RMA'ing it.
In hindsight I wasn't trying to steer Mr Kiel into devouring his Pandora in any way...that was just the only relevant link about opening the Pandora screen up from others experience I was aware of. I wasn't sure if it was that relevant, or safe, as I was not too sure of his particle issue from the description. I presumed he meant there was debris stuck against the screen, via the bezel gap but if its something worse, then an RMA is a better option....or a third shredded wheat and a gung ho attitude perhaps?