Pandora For sale!

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Thanks Milinks, it's only natural we help each others in times of needs. Focus on the good times with everyone around you, it will give you strength. Hang in there.
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Hello, my name's Judy, I'm Marks (milinks) wife, please don't ask me about computer games, as i don't know anything :( its taken me ages to find rhis post so i can write, im not a technogeek as my husband is, im happy with my soaps! Mark asked me to write and say how grateful and overwhelmed he is by the kindness of everyone here. He would say it himself, however the Hospital internet is not behaving this afternoon when i left him, and he can't get a signal (even though he's on the 7th floor!) Having seen him over the last few days I have to say he is a LOT more chirpier than he has been of late. As for me, i can only say I used to feel a little bit like the ignored wife, whilst Mark was on his console thing, especially when visiting him, and the days when he did manage to come home and spent it writing something for a game, (I've to give thanks to Pitseb apparently it was something to do with an Eilte game, I'm sorry for being a bit naive on this :( ) i never would have believed that people Mark has spoken of, but not met, have been so very supportive to us both, I would like to express my thanks to all those who have given kind words and thoughts. It means so much, and as Mark keeps saying, I'm as humbled as he is by the kindness. I'm hoping I'm not getting anyone into trouble, as he gave me his details, as he was concerned that he couldnt express his thanks. I may not be so harsh on him the next time hes able to play his games, when i think of the kind people behind the console. Thankyou so much all of you, Judy xxx
I hope and wish the best for you and your husband. A family member of mine had cancer and it was a hard time for us. We were sad and in despair. But managed to get through it by supporting each other. I hope you two can get through this hard times too.
He did say it multiple times and there really is no need to.

We know each other on these boards for ages and of course we are supportive to a communitymember in need.

My wife also doesn't really understand why I "waste" that much time with this device and on those boards, but it is more than just a device. It has an active and nice community around it where people find new friends and people they can share their thoughts and knowledge with. People who have the same interests. It is not easy to find those in real life.

As said: Keep fighting. Hope it will turn out well for all of you in the end.

Edit: Just told my wife about it and she also feels very sorry for you. She wishes you a lot of strenght in these hard times.
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The community here really surprises me sometimes and shows that it can pay it forward back to others in need. 

Mark & Judy. You guys deserve the best during this difficult time. Let's hope you two beat this and keep your Pandora!
I would be intrested to know how much you want for it because i am currently looking for one at a reasonible price.
Don't sell your Pandora! It obviously has a special place in your life, and now is the time to gather what is special and meaningful to you. I will donate when I am able, maybe in about a week or so. It will be a pleasure. I hope thinking of the goodwill of this community brings you strength and joy. :)
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