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Dec 17, 2008

I've been searching this site trying to find out what's Open Source on GP2X, but unfortunately I did not manage to find the information. Well there's Linux inside and applications can be downloaded, but what about everything else? Is all software open source, is the firmware open, what about hardware parts, schematics, etc.?

On the German forum I found a similar question addressing the issue whether someone who would like to build something similar would get the design and specifications or not. This goes into the direction of my question as well, but unfortunately he did not get an answer.

A lot of the software for the GP2X is open source, as is nearly all of the firmware now. No schematics are available for the hardware though you can obviously find the pinout for the EXT port on the GP2X wiki.
Is there an echo in here? ;)
Is there an echo in here?
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A level of agreement that sounds like an echo :p

[edit] and in the back of my head, I'm thinking about some existing open-source hardware projects. GPH never explicitly limited the open-sourceness of the GP2x to the software only...[/edit]
But not everything is open soursous concidering to the wiz becous it has a 18+ limited flash games ( according to another user ) .. And i don't think they would like it to be open sourcus becous the limit would be really easy to hack :) :) ..

If You want open sourcous get a free runner :) :)

but even it isn't full open becous of the gsm controler but the other hardwar are with open schematics :) :)

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Łorendż :D
Nie rozbawiaj mnie :D
FreeRunner jest w 100% open :D Masz i schematy PCB,Obudowy, kod jądra i całej dystrybucji OpenMoko...
Można się przyczepić tylko do Atherosa i to wszystko :)