Open Source GPU Drivers for Qualcomm Adrenos


Finally on-board
Nov 24, 2016

Quallcoms Adreno ARM CPUs are getting free GPU drivers in Kernel and Userspace, even for Snapdragon 820 and 821.
These are real powerhouses and as I understood from earlier posts on Golem, they sell in smaller numbers by now, due to the competition from Apple and Samsung.
The driver is supported by Red-Hat and Qualcomm and Linux developer Jordan Crouse.

@EvilDragon : maybe these CPUs are something to look at for future CPU-Boards.
Wow is good news! Let's see what is meant with "smaller numbers" and if some help is provided for small orders...
They Pyra appears to be using two parts of 70-Pin DF40 connectors for the CPU and RAM connectors. The only company I know to sell chips like these are Gumstix. And unfortunately, all the Gumstix COMs use OMAP garbage as well. A few are actually XScale, but it's slow as nails.

We'll need to actually consider whether or not everything will work if we switch from OMAP5 to something Snapdragon based, or even ARM64-based.

And we'll need to custom manufacture those COMs in the future. Again, nothing they can do right now...

The Pyra also won't technically use COMs, it's just the RAM and CPU, so I don't really know what to call it. Just a PCB module I guess.
The CPU PCB is just called that way. It's actually more of the Mainboard including the CPU, RAM etc. so switching to other architectures would not be the problem.
The "Mainboard" houses the Input/ Output devices and ports. It's even prepared for a secondUSB 3.0 port, even though the OMAP doesn't support it.
The CPU board has a bit of a "soft" lock-in to the OMAP platform. The interfaces exposed on the headers are unusual in quantity as compared to other platforms (for example, the amount of SDIO interfaces). But it's all things that could be worked around if there's enough space on the board.