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Jun 25, 2004
So, been out of commission for a while and came back on here to find some chat about a gpx2. This looks brilliant!!!! A few questions:-

1. Will it be as good for emulation and homebrew?
2. Any chance of decent GBA and Amiga emulation?
3. Is it true its going to cost less than the GP32 BLU? (if so - WOW!!!!)
4. Will it take SD cards bigger than 128 Meg?
5. Any news on a UK release date - and will there be much software avaiable on release?

Cheers in advance, and sorry if this is covered elsewhere.
1.Most likely
2.We don`t have this yet, so we have NO IDEA! (sorry, this has been asked too much)
5.Only a vague release date, I think end September? Or was it Oktober?
Abouzt the software question: Just go to www.gpx2.com and take a look.
1. Depends on what developers go over to it. It will technically be better but someone still has to write the software.
2. No idea.
5. i think so
Thanks guys - very very much appreciated. Wetting my pants in anticipation!

Sorry about the stuff that's already been covered.
1. should be significantly better
2. Fingers Crossed
3. They said yes, but since then they have added an extra 32mb ram so the price may be very similar taking that into account.
4. Any size sd cards will be fine. 2gb freely available now and 4gb just being released
5. Worldwide rollout through the likes of gbax or playasia is expected mid - late october according to gpx2.com.

Gbax will be showing the system sometime next month at a special pre release party if you are able to attend.
the release will most likely be delayed till late september because of the new thing they have to build in. (speicher etc. )
Seraptin posted on Aug 17 2005 at 10:37 PM said:
the release will most likely be delayed till late september because of the new thing they have to build in. (speicher etc. )
the release was never late september, was always planned for october. Will now be first seen to the public via craig of gbax end of september although we will probably not be able to buy one on the day and will have to wait till late october before we can get out grubby mitts on one.
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Yeah I definitely heard October over and over. Can't wait.

As for #2, depends on what your definition of 'decent' is. Going by mine, I have rather high hopes. I don't want to count my chickens, though.
Quiest posted on Aug 18 2005 at 07:31 AM said:
I would trust Evil Dragon that it is coming out in November, he should know!
true, another few weeks isnt too bad as far as hardware delays go.
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Since the hardware is VERY similar to the Zodiac's, it probably will not feature any good gba emulators, but snes is possible.
Cheaper than the GP32 BLU? I didn't know that. It starts to sound more and more like a low-budget project... But, I'll probably buy it anyway; If not for the games, then to support GamePark Holdings...
we dont know what will be possible with the arm940t yet. if not much then it will be a bit like the zodiac, but if the dev can really program for it, then it could be possible to get fullspeed gba if we use perhaps the arm first core for running the code like with gpadvance, and the second core for emulating the GPU of the GBA.
ah sorry i got that a little bit wrong :(

i meant it may be released a little bit later (i think craigix said something like that in his post about the releaseparty)
yeah it will be released in november nowm, not october.
and ys they said they want to keep it really cheap, but that dont means no quality. the dont put in much extras, wifi, bluetooth, build in battery and so on.
Also keep in mind the Zodiac has yet to be fully exploited.

Two great examples: only very recently did the video chip get used to speed up video playback for divx to a full 30fps (TCPMP), and for speeding up rendering graphics in MAME (ZodMAME just released yesterday).

So it remains to be seen what the GPX2 can do or not. One thing for sure - that 64MB RAM is damn nice and super useful for both emus and homebrew/ports.

Also, it's very likely the GPX2 will be overclockable. ;) ARM CPU's usually always are. I would not be surprised if the primary CPU could be safely OC'ed to 233 or even 250Mhz. But of course this remains speculation until the system is out.