Official Blog- It Finally Happened


Jul 10, 2008
New blog post by ED
Blog said:
It finally happened!

... I'm slightly maaad!

Well, yes, that's basically also true... but this time, another thing came true: The Pandora!
Yep, we started assembling and already shipped out some of our babies yesterday! What a relief!

Craig, Michael and Fatih are already working together with other folks to build Pandoras, I'll join them on Monday. I'll also setup the webcam when I'm there.
Hopefully, it will work, as Craig told me internet connection in that hall is not too reliable, but we'll see.

While this certainly is a big step for us, there's still a lot of work to be done. We have to try to finish the first batch as soon as possible and also have to manage parts and production for the second batch.
Please bear with us if this could take a while, we're still humans (no cyborgs) and are working as fast as we can.

Thanks to EVERYONE helping us - our devs, our wifes / girlfriends, and - of course - you. The community. Let the fun begin!
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