NEW - RK3188 Quad Core PC Sticks - T428, UG007b etc


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Jan 23, 2011
Ok, well as predicted the Rockchip RK3188 Quad core SOC which was just released has found it's way into PC Sticks.  It's said to be about 30% faster than a Tegra 3 with an Antutu score of about 18000 - roughly the same as the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, so pretty quick indeed.

They have just hit the market and there are a number of models (all clones of each other basically).  ie UG007, UG802b, CloudnetGo CR9, MK802 IV,  Tronsmart T428 etc.  They can be bought for $70 delivered and up depending on which cheap clone you choose.

Here is a link to the Tronsmart:
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So you just plug this into a monitor via USB and you have a PC?
HDMI I would imagine ... I've a couple of the older models, not these quad core ones.

But they connect to the TV/monitor via HDMI and the USB is for connecting USB Mouse or k/board or flash drives and the likes.

They are good though
Or plug it into your ATRIX 4G Lapdock (which works waaaay better than a Lapdock 100 or 500...  It just "works" if you have the right connectors)!

It plugs into the HDMI port for video and gets 5v DC power via USB (which you can usually find on any HDTV).  Then you just need to bring along a mouse/keyboard to control it.  Most of them have bluetooth now and you can easily get a keyboard/touchpad combo for ~$20.  The wireless is ok but usually has range/speed issues due to the challenges of cramming a decent antenna in the small form factor.  USB-> Ethernet jacks are a good alternative if you plan to keep it in the same TV all the time.  Still, they are really cool devices for <$100.  This next round is looking great with the push up to 2 GB of RAM and quad core processing.  It's looking like a few refresh is happening every 4-6 months.
Great stuff, keep up the updates vcoleiro!   :)  I'm still looking for a great stick to turn into a functional Linux machine .. seems like we're pretty close..
A few updates on the RK3188.

1)  If your in the market for a PC stick, check out this great youtube channel, he has basically reviewed almost all PC Sticks.

2)  In4dealz is having a sale on the Tronsmart PC Stick which has the RK3188 SOC, $63 USD delivered. Check it here:

3)  The RK3188 PC Sticks with external Antenae look to have fixed the week wifi signal some have noted.  But if you have one of the ones with an internal WIfi antenae, you can increase wifi signal with this simple mod.

4)  Looks like Multi Windows for Android is coming for RK3188 tabs anyway, looks pretty cool:
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