NEW Pandora Case with LCD assesmbled


Jun 17, 2012

As you may know my first gen Pandora should be with you for the lcd cable repair. However, I've now decided that I want a new case with the new lcd cables and new lcd screen all pre assembled.

The question is, If I PAY for the new case from your shop would it be possible to fit my pcb into it. I prefer to have the black case but your shop only states the Platinum (silver).

If I purchase your case how quick could you do all this and ship it back to me?

I await for your reponse.

Good day

A Holmes

from the UK
Do you need a new LCD? I could also reuse your LCD and put it into a brand new black case.
I might as well go for the new LCD in the new black case as the old one is about 3 years old. Does the new case have the newer nubs and better lcd cable?

Also did you you manage to check whether you have my pandora at all. That way I'll place the order for the case
If the LCD still works, there should't be a need to replace it, but if you want, I can do so.

The nubs are on the PCB, not the case. If you got an old PCB with the old nubs, I'm going to replace them anyways.

The LCD Cable will be the new one, yes.

I'll check in a few minutes whether I got your unit already or not.
Hi Ed

Ok Let me know when you manage to find it.

I did send it by Airsure fully insured with a signature and by checking the tracking number it tells me that it has been delivered.

Once you can confirm that you have it then I'll pay for a new case from your shop.

Otherwise if the PAndora has been lost then I'm £250 out of pocket